James Kusama

With over 13 years experience in the fitness industry, James continues to strive in growing his expertise as a group and individual fitness professional, programmer, and mentor. After dedicating five years to competing and strength coaching boxing and MMA competitors, James decided to direct his focus toward the CrossFit methodology in 2008. He took the next two years to train full-time and study under the likes of Juliet & Kelly Starrett, Diane Fu, Carl Paoli, and Roop Sihota at San Francisco CrossFit. With each having their own detailed approach to coaching and a relentless passion for their craft, James knew he was on the right path.

He took this foundation and invaluable experience that very few are lucky to start with, and applied it directly when he joined the staff at United Barbell – CrossFit SOMA in 2010. At UB he spent the next five years developing his own approach to coaching group classes, personal training and programming. This afforded him the opportunity to work first hand with a wide variety of athletes, from those who have never once lifted a weight, to injured individuals working through rehab, and the select few who are trying to compete at a national level.  Throughout this time, he has studied varying methodologies to programming and training, applying specific influences from OPEX, Cal Strength, Ben Bergeron, Invictus, Outlaw, and BrUTE.

These combined experiences, have made James into the coach, athlete, and now proud gym owner you see today. Although bettering himself as a coach and gym owner will be James’ first priority, striving to push his own fitness goals will always be in his nature. It’s his belief that if you are going to give your all for him during a workout, why wouldn’t he do the same for you?

Competitive CrossFit Training & Achievements
*2 years of personalized programming under James Fitzgerald (Founder of OPEX and Winner of CF Games 2007)
*Currently coached and trained by Marcus Filly (2x CF Games Competitor & GRID Phoenix Rise Athlete)
*Attended Athlete Camps: OPEX, The Outlaw Way, Invictus, and BrUTE Strength Training.
*Qualified as an Individual for the 2014 Nor Cal Regionals
*Wodapalooza 2015 & 2016 RX Men’s Qualifier
*Top 50 finisher in the 2015 CrossFit Games Nor Cal Open (44th World Ranked Male, 35+ years of age)
*2017 Regional Masters Qualifier (35-39 years)

If you like certifications, James has picked up a few of those over the years as well:
*OPEX – CCP L1 Theory
*USAW Sports Performance Coach
*California Strength Olympic Lifting
*CrossFit Olympic Weightlfiting
*CrossFit Gymnastics
*CrossFit Football
*CrossFit Powerlifting
*CrossFit Endurance
*CrossFit Mobility

Miranda Kusama

Unofficial gym mom (though really more like a cool aunt), you will see Miranda in the early AM classes before she heads to work. Let’s be real, you will likely see her many evenings and weekends as well. Miranda’s athletic history is quite varied – swimming, triathlons (including a half Ironman), numerous half marathons, even an instructor at The Dailey Method (a very different kind of barre). She was introduced to CrossFit by James, and their relationship has survived him coaching her, even through her ongoing hatred of double unders.